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"In the rhythm of the needles, there is music for the soul." --- from an old sampler

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Who am I? Marisol, A brunette born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Likes: Reading, knitting, listening to music and drinking Mojitos (preferrably) under a canopy on a tropical beach. Dislikes: Having to clean and do laundry. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. When I grow up I want to be: An Artist and an Archeologist travelling the world in search of her next find! What I really am: A Project Manager, step-mother/mother/wife,obsessive knitter, happy

Friday, July 14, 2006

I've moved to a new site


Thanks for visiting. As of today you can find me here. I have created a new blogland home and cant't wait to have you over for Knitting fun:)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer of Socks - The Knit is On!

When I signed up for Summer of Socks I was elated as I had been obssesivly increasing my sock yarn stash. Fellow knitters warned me about socks being addictive. Little did I know that my obssesive compulsive personality would kick inn in this area too! When Zarzuela anounced this KAL I leaped at the opportunity to bust some of my humungous stash... I thought to myself --yeah! here is a golden opportunity to fill my sock drawer and bust some stash... Christmas presents may be a side bonus too:)

Picture of my small mountain of sock yarn thats been growing, growing, growing.... I will post prettier categorized pictures later.

Summer of Socks is in full swing at Chez Marisol's. I have 4 pairs on the needles and will be casting on for 2 more. Also, we are going camping in 2 weeks and I will be brining 2 to 3 of these puppies along for the ride. This should count for some vacation knitting as we are going camping out in Clear Lake.

Here are pictures of the various socks I am working on:

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Clapotis Fini!!!!! - Goooooollllllllllllll!!!!!!

Knitting for World Cup - What and Experience!
Wow, I actually made it with pleanty of time to spare. I finished it this morning before the final game started. But yesterday, truth be told, I was not sure I would make it. This morning I got up early and finished. This was a glorious moment as this garment was labor intensive. Fun but labor intensive. Anyhow, it was a great knit and I would consider making another. To make this I used Lornas Laces Lion and Lamb in Bittersweet. The same color as the original. I am glad I did, as I do love this colorway.

I must say though--that it was a bit ironic that I chose the bittersweet as it turned into a bittersweet experience when I ran out of yarn 2 rounds into the decrease rows. I ended up getting an adittional skein from my LYS. Unfortunately, it was from a different die lot. But oh well--what is a desperate woman to do under such circumstances? I was trying to beat the deadline and complete this before the end of World Cup!!!

Without further ado Here is my Bittersweet Clapotis: